20.09 2013

In a previous article I explained how to cluster two Magnolia public instances.


Today I will explain another scenario. At the end, we will have 4 public instances where one single workspace (forum) is clustered and the all others workspaces will be also clustered but only between 2 public instances.


It’s not clear? Well, then have a look at the diagram below.

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03.09 2013

In this article I will explain how to cluster two Magnolia public instances in order to share all the content between all the workspaces.
The author instance will activate the content only to one public.


Both public instances will persist their content on the same mySQL database.


Author will keep the default Derby database.

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05.03 2013

Magnolia Amplify is the first conference done by Magnolia outside of Switzerland. The location chosen is Miami in Florida.
It will be a great opportunity for us, Magnolians, to meet american customers and parters, to share our knowledge with them and to listen to their needs.

I’m personally looking forward to this event because I will hold two presentations and a 1-day workshop. I’m really excited about that and also a bit nervous!

Let me share with you a glimpse of my presentations.

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02.11 2011

In the previous post of this series, I explained how to provide from a website running on Magnolia 4.4 a mobile website.

The result was already acceptable but we found a lot of drawbacks.


Now, in this second sprint I will try to solve the drawbacks with “easy” workarounds and to provide an even better solution.


But first let me summarize the problems found and explain how I will solve them.

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17.10 2011

After this short introduction, we are ready to build our first mobile website with Magnolia EE.

Why using the entreprise edition? I need the Extended Templating Kit module which provides multisites features (you will see later why).


This post is a bit technical, so if you don’t know well Magnolia CMS, I recommend you to have a look first  at this website.


So now, if you are ready, I will explain, steps by steps, how I create a mobile website with Magnolia.

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09.10 2011

Few weeks ago I did a prototype with Magnolia EE 4.4.4 illustrating how to “mobilize” a website. In the upcoming posts, I will explain what I did and then you will be able to provide a mobile version of your website running on Magnolia.


But before starting 2 remarks:

First, to understand the next posts, you need a strong knowledge of Magnolia and the Standart Templating Kit. You could understand that this serie of posts is more for developers.


And, if you want to achieve the same results, you need a Enterprise Edition of Magnolia (4.4.x). Why? Because I need the module Extended Templating Kit which is a EE module (you will understand later why I need this module).

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27.09 2011

Finally my website is updated with this new blog section. First I really would like to thanks my girlfriend, she followed my “requirements” and did a great design, I would like to link to her website but this one is not done yet, even not planned (maybe one of my next projects). But for sure, my next projects won’t be done with WordPress, but with a  CMS simple and beautiful (A bon entendeur, Salut !!).

Why follow my blog?

After more than 5 years working in IT on many projects about web technologies, intranet, portal and content management system, I think it’s time to speak, it’s time to share. I often had ideas, sometimes stupid, but also sometime good, I think a blog could be the right place  for my thoughts. And who knows? Maybe it could help someone, one day…

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